I’m Rachel Smith. I pay attention to words: writing, editing and proofreading for organisations, businesses and people, so they can concentrate on all the other things they need to do. Words are not everyone’s strength, but they are mine, so I ease the workload for many clients, who, I’m proud to say, stay with me for the long term, because they see the results, and how easy I am to work with.

It’s remarkable how much success comes from simply using the right words; I’ve always been amazed by that. Sparks of engagement, lightbulb moments, getting a weary team onboard, making stakeholder progress. If you use the right words, you create the type of energy that gets everyone burning brighter, which is what we all want, right?

And the wonderful thing about success being down to words, is that there is so much opportunity, because words are everywhere, threading everything we do. Wherever there are words, there is potential for surprising value, to make new and wonderful things happen and create positive, enabling cultures that really can, and do, change the world.

I have a Master’s in English from Leeds University and I’ve been a freelance, commercial copywriter and qualified proofreader, since I qualified with The Publishing Training Centre in 2007. I started freelancing and consulting in online copy and communications for new media businesses, mixed in with a public sector career in business change, public sector regeneration, government funding, and local transport portfolio management. But eventually the writing took over full time, and now here I am.

I’m lucky enough to also have talented digital media people around me too: IT expert, web developer, designer, lead generation and marketing specialist, photographer. But essentially, when you deal with the copy house, you deal with me and I can’t wait to talk to you about how better attention to words can bring value to you and your organisation.