thecopy.house is Rachel Smith, me. I work with colleagues with similar and complementary talents in the world of copy, but essentially it is me that you deal with when you deal with the copy.house. I’ll be the one who will talk to you about what you want to say; I’ll be the one working with the words and I’ll definitely be the one checking the work is perfect before it’s sent back to you.

I’m an accredited and qualified proofreader (I like red pens). I’ve got lots of varied experience of working in both the public and private sector, and I have a background of creative and digital business development in collaboration with public sector funding bodies and local council. So I have professional knowledge on both sides of the coin. What this means for my clients is that I know about target markets and intended audience, as well as being professionally aware of what is appropriate for most sectors.

To give real life examples, I am as at ease writing reports, local council strategies and bid applications, as I am writing a website for a small local business, or global engineering firm. From brainstorming product names for a new public sector, national programme to editing a primary school textbook on insects, I am working with words to make sure they are doing exactly what they should be doing. And that is what makes the copy.house clients come back time and time again I’m very proud to say. They know that good copy just looks and feels right.

Oh – and because this is important: I am honest about deadlines, and never miss them. I am upfront about what I can do in time and cannot. And I am always amazed and delighted by what can be achieved by attention to the power of words.