What do you pay a copywriter for? Shortcut to profit

What do you pay a copywriter for? Shortcut to profit

The skill you pay a copywriter for is that of pitching your brand to the world in words.

A copywriter writes so you don’t have to, and maximises the results you will get, of those associated with professionally written copy.

Selling a new product, building brand trust, engaging and educating customers, reaching new markets, establishing you as a thought-leader, copywriters are skilled at ‘selling in’ and crafting the words that hook audiences. All of which can positively affect your bottom line.

Do I just pay for a copywriter’s time?

Depending on the project and the copywriter, you will pay either for their time spent on the job, as an hourly or daily rate, or a cost for your project. In the rate or project cost, you pay, you are also paying for their skill and experience.

If it’s regular content you need, on an ad-hoc but regular basis, your copywriter may simply invoice you for the days and hours they spend working at the end of each month. If the work is, say, for a defined project, for example, a website, a fixed price is usually agreed at the start.

The rate, or project cost, will vary from copywriter to copywriter, depending on their expertise, credentials and experience.

How much time are we talking about?

It depends on the job, and how much input you provide.

A 500-ish-word article or blog post, with minimum research required, on a given topic, where you’ve supplied the industry facts or point/s you want to make, could be take anywhere between two and three hours. If it’s a complex industry, or subject, and you’re expecting the copywriter to go it alone and come up with something all on their lonesome, that’s fine, but can easily double the time.

A substantial website with lots of Services pages, or, for example, About pages, perhaps comprising of Meet the Team, Brand Values, Origin Story, etc. could be anything from one to two weeks of work, not including revisions.

A small website, on the other hand, depending on the work the copywriter needs to do in researching your target audience, industry and competition, may take anywhere between two to four days.

Does it take that long just to write some words?

So much in that word ‘just’!

It’s a common misconception that the time a copywriter takes is just the literal time spent in physically typing out however many words, plus a bit of thinking time.

There can be many revisions and versions written before the one your copywriter actually presents you with. And there’s a lot of time usually taken in research, thinking and playing around with ideas. A good copywriter will often go to sleep pondering angles and approaches for your copy, and wake up thinking about them! A good copywriter will not submit work to you that isn’t polished and of a high standard.

And, it’s possible that a very technical, niche subject, or tough ask, takes longer.

Need a miracle?

“Sell my product, without mentioning the product.”

“I want to launch, but I don’t want people to know anything about [crucial detail that is the main benefit of their offer].”

I’ve had these situations, and similar. Some copy briefs are a tough ask. Your copywriter will do their best but may point out to you the extra time needed to work up any miracles.

Will a copywriter make my business more successful?

There’s no doubt that professionally written copy will increase the return on your marketing investments, as well as delivering the benefits of support to your business, and copy assets you can use over and over.

“We’ve definitely had more enquiries since we did the website. Rachel’s copy has a contribution to that.” Shaun Wilders, Cultrix

In fact, it has been said, that if you’re launching a website, or doing any marketing activity that requires written material, going at it without a professional copywriter means you limit your chances of success from the start.

From website words to get you noticed, to irresistible product descriptions, from organic SEO success of mistake-free content, to scroll-stopping socials, a copywriter takes your business goal and makes it their own, which is, for switched-on businesses, an irresistible offer.