Earthed Yoga

Pure brand writing for a powerful website

Strong, minimal words that strike an instant connection with those looking to connect on a deeper level through outdoor, and indoor, Dru Yoga, was the brief from Rachel Shaw of Earthed Yoga. With strong ethical values, and a belief in empowering self and authenticity, I had worked with Rachel before on a website for her marketing consultancy business and was fortunate to get a thorough feel for Earthed Yoga in one intense discovery session.

We agreed, we needed the website to strongly convey Rachel’s unique offer; to deliver a real feeling of how it is to be in one of her classes, focusing at all times on the health and wellbeing benefits people gain from their very first session. With every heading and section attended to carefully in the structure of the template designed by the web developer, we arrived at an excellent website that takes browsers immediately to the woodland heart of their perfect yoga space.

Thanks Rachel. As always - hitting that nail firmly on the head. Love this copy and cannot wait to use it.” Rachel Shaw, Earthed Yoga