Reasons for using a copywriter? I’m not too shy to tell you.

You may know how to string a sentence together. You may have written decent essays at university. You may think there is no need to waste good money on professional copywriting. You can do it yourself and it’s money for old rope.

But do you have the time? My clients are high-functioning, brilliant people but they don’t have hours available to tinker around with publicity material, websites, fresh content, social media posts, speeches, reports, brochures. They get me to do it because from a purely practical perspective, it makes a lot of sense. It doesn’t mean you’re not clever or great just because you can’t manage to write your own stuff. After all, how often have we all sat down to do something simple for it to then turn into a protracted nightmare?

Time is of the essence. That’s the first reason.

Second reason. Consider this scenario: My paragraph is too long for this space. I haven’t mentioned my services yet. Am I talking up my usp enough? In fact, shouldn’t I have made it all about my usp? What is my usp? Oh no, that sentence sounds rubbish. I’ll copy someone else’s [types into Google]. Does it make sense? I’ll get someone else to read it.

The moment you consider getting someone else to read your work is the moment you should be typing into Google “need a copywriter pronto”. Why? Because it is very difficult to write good copy about yourself. Most humans suffer from some level of self-doubt even if they don’t know it. Anxiety and self-deprecation travel down our arms into our words. We just can’t help it.

And those that don’t have this affliction have the opposite; they can’t stop arrogance and self-flattery stampeding across the keyboard. This approach doesn’t make for good copy either.

So, reasons for getting a pro copywriter on board are: time, self-doubt and lack of self-doubt.

Another reason is that in order to successfully expose to the world the wonder of your business product or service it needs to be interrogated. Copywriters are good at this. You may know your product inside out, but your customers don’t.

You need a copywriter to make you shine. We do this by asking you lots of questions, like an annoying four-year-old. “Why do you do that? What makes you the best? What do your customers say?” A copywriter isn’t too shy to ask you.

We need the nitty gritty so we can write words that are full of the confidence of your offer, your USPs, your brilliance; your prospective customers want this. And you want this. By the end of our interrogation you’ll know exactly what your offer is, if you didn’t already and it will be honed into a crafted set of words that you can use over and over again.

So, if you feel like chatting about your business brilliance and being asked some painless questions (it really is painless) then get in touch with a professional copywriter who isn’t too shy to ask. Remember, if they’re not asking the questions, they’re not a proper copywriter.