Writing for your target audience

Here is your target audience. They’re just people, but they have likes and dislikes just as we all have. And, like us, they only want to engage with people they like the sound of. I’ll help you speak to them so they like the sound of you.

Writing for businesses and organisations

Here’s a list of all the things I write for businesses: websites, landing pages, social media posts, internal communications, online campaigns, announcements, marketing emails, speeches, print advertising, press releases, blogs, white papers, customer correspondence, lead magnets, reports and academic content.

This list isn’t exhaustive. But with every bit of business copy I write, it is for one thing and one thing only: to achieve its purpose. Every word will work at your brief, whether that’s to engage more Instagram followers, sell your latest product or tell the world your company news, and it will always be in line with your brand and in the right tone of voice for your audience and format.

SEO expertise

It’s not just about chucking keywords in. We can find out how your audience search, and the words and phrases they use, to craft your words accordingly. More than this, SEO is about providing original, easy to read information that satisfies searches. You’ll rank higher if browsers linger and read your words, so let’s make it worth reading! And we’ll make sure the meta data for your search results’ titles and descriptions are all in place too.

Brand identity

Brands have personalities and must relate to the people, customers and audience you want to connect with. It’s my job to make your brand speak its personality and express its values and behaviours, so I advise on and develop brand identities and tone of voice protocols, working with your chosen designer and developer as required.

Pure proofreading

If you’ve got a zillion-page report due and it has to be mistake-free, you can send it my way for reassuring attention and thorough marking up of all errors and inconsistencies. I’m a qualified proofreader and experienced at knowing what to look for; you won’t be paying me just to hit spellcheck. I’ll work in whatever format works best for you, to your deadline, and directly with your designer, if required.