It’s not that difficult to know what you want to say, but it’s sometimes difficult to know how you want to say it. Look at me. I’m using a drawing of people with targets for heads to get my point across on recognising a target audience… That’s the great thing about communication. You can use whatever you see around you; it’s all up for grabs. And that gives you the power to be incredibly resourceful.

I learnt the other day, that if a clematis plant is too comfortable, it won’t flower. I want my plants to be happy, but I want them to work for me too.

Good copy is the same. It should feel right. It should feel comfortable. It’s just knowing when that’s appropriate, and when to be downright creative and really go all out on something. Sometimes it’s good to get uncomfortable and ignore the rules, if that’s what’s going to grow the flowers.

Through discussion with you, I will write marketing-led copy for your target audience that is incisive, refreshing and free of any errors and conventional traps that could undermine you, whether it is for websites, blog posts, social media, brochures, reports, press releases, advertisements, in-house material, newsletters, e-marketing, speeches or any other communication.

Now, where did I put my feed and weed?

Proofreading and editing
I’m a jolly experienced proofreader and editor who likes nothing more than to cheerfully take out a red pen and correct every single mistake I see. Just to make sure your work is clean and bright. An extra press of the space bar, a word that’s got through the spellchecker, a sentence that’s topsy-turvy. I love proofreading; it won’t get past me.

Branding work
If you need some help finding a name for a product, or a strapline, the is the right place for you. It’s all about teasing out the right meaning and how we want your audience to feel. There are some exercises I know that we can do to get you there. Don’t worry, you won’t have to go to the gym.